Illustration Friday: "Muddy"; deijou - でいじょう

"Oh, please let it be mud..."

I don't remember at what age I got my first heels but I do remember the actual shoes - they were a pale girly pink and I loved them. I wore them as much as I could get away with, even when they were starting to get tight around the toes.
Until one day my sister and I were outside waiting for... I don't remember, perhaps the ice cream truck? Well, to kill time we started running around on the grass and of course I noticed right away that the ground could've been dryer. But as much as I loved those shoes, they were obviously no match to a child's love of playing.
After that day, I used their muddy, unrepairable state as an excuse for not pressing my growing feet into them anymore.


  1. :O ahaha I LIKE the simple but effective idea!
    it remains me these daysm where i live is muddy all the tibe because the snow! :D
    awesome work!!!!

  2. I remember those! I think I took them when you couldn't have them anymore:) they were really worn but I loved them too!

  3. PERFECT!! Wonderful illustration. It is always a treat to come here. You've captured her pose so very well!!!

  4. le capitaine - and I suppose you wear heels like a proper rocker, too. ;)

    Happychinchilla and dthaase - linework is what I like and admire, so getting somments on that myself is... mmm. :)

    Shirley - it's a treat finding artist such as you leaving comments such as this on my little drawings! :D

    Cat - I had no idea! Well, I prolly did at the time since they were after all MY shoes! but that was so very long ago and I didn't really bother about what my little sister did or didn't do...;)

  5. I love your drawings as much as your paintings. Hahaha, oh yes, please let that be mud. HAHA! Wonderful pose. Gosh, I don't even remember my first heels. Hardly wear them anymore anyway.

    Oh! And GORGEOUS flower magnets!

    (oop! Just noticed your matador picture on the side there. Eww, grrr, boooooo)

  6. I'd love to wear heels but somehow I always end up buying the comfortable stuff you can walk around all day in ;)
    Actually, I just made myself a flowermagnet to wear - perhaps I'll post it sometime!
    matadors - grr indeed. :(
    Thank you so much for stopping by, Bella!