Things I draw when I should be doing proper painting ...

I really like drawing the figure, all those angles and deliciously squished, fleshy bits. Whenever I'm in Stockholm I try to either take a class in life drawing or attend one of those open night events at museums and art schools. 
Right now I'm into fairytales, dark woods and summer nights. I'm thinking this girl might be a forest spirit or a princess combing the stardust out of her hair or ... or ... I think I'll have to get to know her a little better. ;)


  1. I like your drawing though I don't know where I would place her .... I like her sitting in the open space, I always like to be sitting in front of an ocean : )

  2. I love fairy tale drawings and paintings. They are usually so pretty.

  3. MrsLittleJeans - the ocean scene sounds interesting! Might skip the whole fairy idea but I like that!

    Belle - yeah, and one can dream about looking like those princesses ;)