Illustration Friday;"whiskers; ひげ hige

Foxes have whiskers, right?
Still only a sketch - the snowflakes will definitely need some work (and re-sizing, perhaps?). And maybe the background too; a much darker background would look really stark and cool. But I also like colours so maybe
 I'll just end up doing an icy winter blue ... which would be very befitting a Swedish fox! You'd have to be Swedish to get that reference, so here's a little explanation:
There's a role playing song performed around the tree, as well as around the midsummer pole and basically, it's about playing out the "movements" of children, the elderly, the baker, the chimney sweeper, etc. The song begins with "Räven raskar över isen // The fox runs over the ice" - in Swedish it's a bit of a tongue twister and, for example, there are people who, apparently, all their life have thought the song read "räven överraskar grisen // the fox surprises the pig".
Here's a video of a midsummer performance of the song. The best part comes at the end! ;)

My keyboard broke and I was too busy all week to go out and look for a new one! So, because I've had to cut and paste every single letter from an alphabet, I stuck to just the most important stuff ... but it's good to be back! Even though there seem to be a couple of keys missing ... or hidden, maybe.

... actually, I don't like the snowflakes anymore. I think I'll add a forest instead. ... mmm ... yes. feels better. 

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