Illustration Friday: "Adventure"; ぼうけん bouken

"For the adventure, Doctor. Isn't that what life's all about?"
As the immortal girl said to The Doctor, in Doctor Who's "The Woman Who Lived". 
Of course, she was talking about robbery, and maybe that's what you resort to after a millennium of lifetimes.
But for us mortals, I think it's safe to say that even just a day out with friends is a small adventure, don't you think?
And until we find a way to predict the immediate future, I'd say every moment of every day is exciting enough - especially if one lives one's days in awareness. And who knows what alien you might meet at the local supermarket. :)


  1. ha ha...who indeed KNOWS what alien I might meet, I ask myself that all the time

    the painting reminds me of Monet, Manet...???

  2. I wonder if the same thing that makes us artists is the thing that makes each moment of every day exciting enough. Can I say artists wouldn't be artists if they weren't aware?